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Now offering home security solutions!

• Does your house tell you when you forget to lock the doors?
• Have you ever wanted to check in on your sleeping kid without opening the door and waking him/her up?
• Want to keep the neighbors from borrowing your stuff when you’re not home? Or let them in when it’s okay to
borrow something without giving them a key?
• Do you want your lights to come on when you walk in the door?
• Do you sometimes wish you could do the little things, like lock your doors or turn off the lights, even when you’re
not at home?
• Have you ever wanted to turn on the air conditioning on your way home from work?
• Have you ever wanted to check on your house when you’re traveling, at the park or at work?
• Have you ever forgotten to lock your doors when you leave the house?
• Do you worry about the kids getting home from school? Or what they’re doing when you’re not at home?
• Have you ever checked how much money you might be wasting because your air conditioning or furnace is running
all day when you’re not there?
• Do you wish you could automatically get a text when your teenager gets home?
• Do you want to save energy and lower your utility bill at the same time?
• Have you ever been locked out of your house and had to pay an expensive fee or wait for someone else to get


If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions then we can help you get reliable, easy to use home security. Call today to find out more! 719-247-1814